The Golden-Brown Age of Toast
A 6000-year history

Nothing MoreThan Fillings:
1. The true story of Pop Tarts
2. Toaster Pastry Facts

Mutant Spawns of Pop Tarts
Strange and failed toaster food

Hot Slots
Recipes for your toaster

Plugged-in Toasters
Links to other toaster-related sites

Best Thing since Sliced Bread
Eggos; Lenders' Bagels; Thomas' English Muffins

* Bright Bytes Studio



Consider the toaster: Its function is modest singe both sides of a slice of bread yet that function is considered so crucial that 88% of all American households have one.

To be fair, a toaster is now more than a bread-browner, thanks to ingenuity of the food industry. A toaster can also prepare main courses from waffles to pizza, exotic international foods like bagels and English muffins, and even desserts, thanks to the entire class of foods known as “toaster pastries.”

Consider its rivals: Stoves and even toaster ovens are unwieldy; microwaves have no soul. But a toaster is like a small, tabletop hearth; the smells and foods that emerge from it whisper, “Home!”

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