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  The 80's really sucked - Transformers are back
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Posted by 60z Rule on 2002/04/30 13:04:24 GMT-4

As further proof of how lame the 80's were, here's the latest pop culture come back from that era:http://www.cnn.com/2002/SHOWBIZ/TV/04/29/transformers.ap/index.htmlThe Transformers are back, apparently fueled by Generation X lamers waxing nostalgiac.Sad, huh?

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say what !?
by charles on 2004/05/10 17:41:03 GMT-4

Now I know you must be young. If you actually paid attention back in the 80's, you would have came to realize that the 80's was the decade of cartoons. The nineties cartoons and the millenium cartoons came never come close to the originals back in the 80's. I mean I'm twenty-eight years old and I can honest say that I appreciate the cartoons back then because it made people back then and even today alot better with the messages they sent out to us. Like there was a cartoon called C.O.P.S., that use to come on and every show they would have a message about either safety or knowing how to protect yourself if your in and unsuspecting place. Same thing goes for Inspector Gadget. They gave you tips on what to do and what not to do for home safety and etc. The point I'm trying to make is that don't knock the 80's if you wasn't around long enough to know what was going on and to enjoy it. Because I'll tell you this; the shows and how this decade will be from then reflects on prior years before it. They can never compare with the 80's.

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Re: The 80's really sucked - Transformers are back
by Frank on 2005/01/27 21:00:01 US/Eastern

Transformers are still masters in disguise! And non believers will be attacked by Megatron or maybe George Wanker Bush will take care of this.

Adios le pido!

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Re: The 80's really sucked - Transformers are back
by Fritz on 2005/01/27 21:03:08 US/Eastern

I suggest you should meet my friend who just turned gay and likes to f*ck every opponent of the transformers in his ass. Better don't pick up some soap when you're taking a shower in the gym. Big Brother is watching you!

autobots rule

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