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  Charlie's Angels Van Re-Released
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Posted by Kris on 2001/10/16 20:23:19 GMT-4

Hey Angel Fans did you know, Corgi Classics is re-issuing the 1977 Charlie's Angels Van this NOVEMBER 2001. http://www.charliesangels.com/update.html

The new van is in a darker pink then the original run and the package will not be released with any character figures.

Check out the site -- Lots of cool stuff on the Angels we all loved!


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Re: Charlie's Angels Van Re-Released
by Erin Barrett on 2002/01/24 13:18:22 US/Eastern

In 1977, the ad company selling the original Charlie's Angels dolls and accessories came to my school in Hong Kong to find cheap labor for their commercials. Two of my best friends -- Linda Yoars and Jennifer Woods -- were the freckled-faced little girls playing with the dolls and saying canned lines like, "Hi Angels, this is Charlie. Go investigate the bad guys."

I was so jealous.

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